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RT @TommyGun_PapPap: Only underwear product I'll ever but again! @saxxunderwear
Aug 18, 3:49pm
@Callme_superman great to hear, thanks for the support!
Aug 18, 6:06am
@mycetrap please email - thanks!
Aug 17, 4:33pm
@chief113 great to hear!
Aug 12, 10:59pm
@chief113 please email our customer service team - thanks!
Aug 11, 6:01am
RT @PhilAltitude: First day wearing @saxxunderwear, gonna need a few more pairs #HeavenOnEarth
Aug 9, 4:32am
@NerdDCBats great to hear!
Aug 6, 5:07am
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Aug 6, 5:06am
Happy National Underwear Day! (yes, it actually exists)
Aug 5, 9:44pm
@WyattBrian agreed, the best.
Aug 5, 1:10pm


Followed is a new series of posts we're starting that helps you discover Instagramers that you may have not heard of yet. Here we take a closer look at the people that provide us with our daily inspiration, users who constantly serve up technically-sound photos. For Part 1 we've featured top-notch mobile photographers from San Francisco, Chicago and Portland. Be sure to follow our official Instagram account @saxxunderwear.

"Saxx Underwear" "Moneal"

1. @moneal | Having worked in the world of advertising and within the graphic design department at Apple, Michael O'Neal knows a thing or two about what is visually pleasing and ultimately what a client (us) wants.

"Saxx Underwear"

2. @pauloctavious | After working with a respectable list of top companies, photographer & designer Paul Octavious provides us with plenty of inspiration through his travels and shots of home in Chicago.

"Saxx Underwear"

3. @adamvinnyt | Portland plays home to some of the coolest visuals on Instagram. PDX resident and Nike Running member Adam Vinny T. captures Oregon and more at its finest.

"Saxx Underwear"

4. @5pts| This San Francisco native puts his town on display in this great highlight of the city by the bay. Follow, double tap, enjoy.

"Saxx Underwear

5. @mattfrench| Both photographer and designer, Matt French takes fascinating scenic shots with faded colours that evoke a distinct Pacific Northwest feeling.