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We're having a giveaway on our Instagram right now.... @saxxunderwear
Aug 22, 6:25pm
@TheRealKullyD hi, right here.
Aug 22, 6:24pm
@ermannoclothing thanks for the shoutout!
Aug 22, 6:23pm
Aug 22, 2:05pm
RT @jakuuuu: @saxxunderwear are the greatest
Aug 22, 1:53pm
RT @Callme_superman: Just bought more 8 pairs of @saxxunderwear probably the best decision of my life. #worldsmostcomfortableunderwear
Aug 21, 5:29pm
RT @TommyGun_PapPap: Only underwear product I'll ever but again! @saxxunderwear
Aug 18, 3:49pm
@Callme_superman great to hear, thanks for the support!
Aug 18, 6:06am
@mycetrap please email - thanks!
Aug 17, 4:33pm
@chief113 great to hear!
Aug 12, 10:59pm


Our Followed series continues this week with the discovery of these five Instagrammers. From the streets of New York City to the palm trees of sunny California, you won't want to miss what they have to offer. Enjoy.

"Saxx Underwear"

1.@13thwitness | One of our favourite users on Instagram. Full of depth, color and his trademark boldness, Timmy's shots are a never ending feed of inspiration.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram"

2. @10_ya | Hailing from Japan, this account documents a beautiful transition between fashion, art and Mother Nature.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram" "Photography"

3. @mattcbauer | Currently working in the world of digital advertising with Nike Los Angeles, Matt gives new perspectives of California that we'll gladly check in on frequently.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram"

4. @ikhals | Lavagno produces extremely on point mobile photography, though desolate in tones, the muted nature of his work comes off as nothing short of elegant.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram" "Photography"

5. @RoyBDS | Join Roy on his dark architectural photo journey. From decayed buildings to subway stations, he never misses a beat.