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The hard work is paying off @therealmurraycg. Way to go.
Feb 28, 10:49pm
RT @therealmurraycg: Elated 18-miler done. All my gears and motors are hanging in there! Onward to @MaineCoast262!! Thanks also to @saxxund…
Feb 28, 10:48pm
Happy to be of service @StevenHFisher. Get some. #snowboarding #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #subzero
Feb 28, 10:48pm
RT @StevenHFisher: It's cold out there today. Glad I've got my @saxxunderwear #subzeros on. Thanks for keeping me warm guys!
Feb 28, 10:46pm
Congrats to #SAXXunderwear ambassador @Simondart for his strong performance today at the #ParkCityGP. 👊 #SAXX
Feb 28, 9:03pm
RT @FreeskierLive: Men's halfpipe final at #ParkCityGP: 1) @guskenworthy 2) @KevinRolland1 3) @mrDavidWise.
Feb 28, 8:57pm
RT @FreeskierLive: This contest was absolutely insane. #ParkCityGP
Feb 28, 8:57pm
RT @FreeskierLive: Damn! D'Artois goes down on final hit! So close.. #ParkCityGP
Feb 28, 8:56pm
RT @FreeskierLive: After two runs... #ParkCityGP
Feb 28, 8:56pm
RT @Simondart: Grand Prix Park City finals going down at 11AM PST, check out the live scoring on either.....
Feb 28, 7:51pm


Our Followed series continues this week with the discovery of these five Instagram users. From the mountains of Vancouver to the streets of Brooklyn, you won't want to miss what these photographers have to offer. Enjoy.

1. @ChrisOzer | Based in Brooklyn, Chris focuses on urban and landscape photography around North America.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram"

2. @EricKimberlin | Eric Kimberlin documents his many adventures in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram"

3. @Cohen | Producer at Apple, Daniel Cohen keeps his eye on the Bay Area for us.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram"

4. @ThisWildIdea | A must follow. If you haven't already heard of the world famous Instagram dog "Maddie On Things" you'll quickly find out what all the buzz is about.

"Saxx Underwear" "Instagram"

5. @BittaDesign | Local Vancouverite Tina Albrecht takes to the city streets and surrounding areas to capture some stunning views of the Pacific Northwest.