@ashenfaced not at the moment - good option is to order through @Manpacks!
Apr 16, 2:13pm
@Brooklyn_North @TravelandEscape looking good, Paul!
Apr 16, 2:12pm
@LyndonMH no problem 👊
Apr 16, 2:11pm
RT @nsxlnt: After a lifelong pursuit of perfect underwear, I have found them. @saxxunderwear is the holy grail. #GameChanger #seriously
Apr 16, 3:31am
Enjoy your Sunday. http://t.co/LIXlXpmVU7
Apr 13, 4:19pm
RT @ShanesaBeach: Being addicted to @saxxunderwear is both a blessing and a curse. Normal underwear are ruined for me. #Ihaveballsproblems
Apr 11, 4:19pm
RT @thatgiddy: Almost nothing beats new @saxxunderwear in the morning. Your welcome boys
Apr 11, 4:18pm
RT @iamjasonmills: .@Saxxunderwear deserves some kind of Nobel Prize or something for structural design. My, oh my.
Apr 11, 2:03am
We're proud to once again partner with @dignityuwear - a great organization helping put new clothes on those in need http://t.co/SfUvujYEom
Apr 10, 5:53pm
@noseworthyd email us your shipping address to social@saxxunderwear.com #saxxstickers
Apr 9, 10:49pm

Global Comfort | Rome

Saxx Underwear, Saxx, Rome

Our Global Comfort series takes us around the world to see where our fans are keeping comfortable in their SAXX. This Vibe feature is brought to us from Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Are you travelling with your SAXX? Hashtag #GlobalComfort to be featured here and on our Instagram.

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