@ashenfaced not at the moment - good option is to order through @Manpacks!
Apr 16, 2:13pm
@Brooklyn_North @TravelandEscape looking good, Paul!
Apr 16, 2:12pm
@LyndonMH no problem 👊
Apr 16, 2:11pm
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Apr 16, 3:31am
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Apr 13, 4:19pm
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Apr 11, 2:03am
We're proud to once again partner with @dignityuwear - a great organization helping put new clothes on those in need http://t.co/SfUvujYEom
Apr 10, 5:53pm
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Apr 9, 10:49pm

Moustache Ride Across Canada

Moustache, Prostate Cancer, Movember, Saxx Underwear

As we begin to prepare for next month's moustache growing festivities we decided to get a head start on our ongoing support and dedication to Prostate Cancer Research. We're proud to announce our sponsorship of The Moustache Ride Across Canada, a 45 day bicycle journey from Vancouver to Toronto to raise $100,000 for Movember and the organizations it supports. Follow the ride online as 3 local Vancouverites Ben, Kevin and Jordan, embark on an epic quest to meet their audacious goal.

View their video here:

Follow the journey here: http://moridecanada.ca/