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RT @Callme_superman: Just bought more 8 pairs of @saxxunderwear probably the best decision of my life. #worldsmostcomfortableunderwear
Aug 21, 5:29pm
RT @TommyGun_PapPap: Only underwear product I'll ever but again! @saxxunderwear
Aug 18, 3:49pm
@Callme_superman great to hear, thanks for the support!
Aug 18, 6:06am
@mycetrap please email - thanks!
Aug 17, 4:33pm
@chief113 great to hear!
Aug 12, 10:59pm
@chief113 please email our customer service team - thanks!
Aug 11, 6:01am
RT @PhilAltitude: First day wearing @saxxunderwear, gonna need a few more pairs #HeavenOnEarth
Aug 9, 4:32am
@NerdDCBats great to hear!
Aug 6, 5:07am
RT @TheCrankWild: @saxxunderwear These are the best underwear I've ever had. Been rocking them since 2009. Great for men of all sizes.
Aug 6, 5:06am
Happy National Underwear Day! (yes, it actually exists)
Aug 5, 9:44pm

Testimonial | Alvin Gentry


"As the head coach of an NBA team, being comfortable is crucial when the eyes of thousands of fans and broadcasters are watching. I was introduced to SAXX by one of my players and have been wearing them ever since. It's by far the most comfortable underwear I've worn and I always recommend it to players, coaches and friends."

Alvin Gentry
Former Head Coach of the NBA Phoenix Suns