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@kennedywoodbats Pro Elite might ben another option.
Mar 4, 8:54am
RT @TaylorMac56: #NewMountRushmoreCandidates The creator of SAXX underwear
Mar 4, 1:27am
Kinetic. Undoubtedly. RT @kennedywoodbats: running the bmo half marathon. What are the best pair of #SAXX for the long runs? #SAXXunderwear
Mar 4, 1:23am
We agree @MarcAntoineN RT: @saxxunderwear are a game changer on Transatlantic flights! #realtalk #SAXXunderwear #SAXX
Mar 4, 1:05am
Check out @MoreThan_Stats' look at our Spring 2015 performance collection #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #performance
Mar 4, 1:04am
@samu_amunet We're exclusively available in North America at the moment. Our webshop is your best option.
Mar 4, 1:01am
RT @MoreThan_Stats: A look @Saxxunderwear new performance collection #morethanstats
Mar 4, 1:00am
For those chill mid-winter afternoons. #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #staycomfy #staywarm
Mar 3, 5:00pm
Check #SAXXunderwear ambassador @crightontim going big at provincials this weekend. Keep it up dude.…
Mar 3, 12:01am
Don't let Monday get to your head. The weekend is just around the corner. by #SAXXunderwear ambassador @scottcbakken
Mar 2, 11:51pm

Testimonial | Alvin Gentry


"As the head coach of an NBA team, being comfortable is crucial when the eyes of thousands of fans and broadcasters are watching. I was introduced to SAXX by one of my players and have been wearing them ever since. It's by far the most comfortable underwear I've worn and I always recommend it to players, coaches and friends."

Alvin Gentry
Former Head Coach of the NBA Phoenix Suns