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The hard work is paying off @therealmurraycg. Way to go.
Feb 28, 10:49pm
RT @therealmurraycg: Elated 18-miler done. All my gears and motors are hanging in there! Onward to @MaineCoast262!! Thanks also to @saxxund…
Feb 28, 10:48pm
Happy to be of service @StevenHFisher. Get some. #snowboarding #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #subzero
Feb 28, 10:48pm
RT @StevenHFisher: It's cold out there today. Glad I've got my @saxxunderwear #subzeros on. Thanks for keeping me warm guys!
Feb 28, 10:46pm
Congrats to #SAXXunderwear ambassador @Simondart for his strong performance today at the #ParkCityGP. 👊 #SAXX
Feb 28, 9:03pm
RT @FreeskierLive: Men's halfpipe final at #ParkCityGP: 1) @guskenworthy 2) @KevinRolland1 3) @mrDavidWise.
Feb 28, 8:57pm
RT @FreeskierLive: This contest was absolutely insane. #ParkCityGP
Feb 28, 8:57pm
RT @FreeskierLive: Damn! D'Artois goes down on final hit! So close.. #ParkCityGP
Feb 28, 8:56pm
RT @FreeskierLive: After two runs... #ParkCityGP
Feb 28, 8:56pm
RT @Simondart: Grand Prix Park City finals going down at 11AM PST, check out the live scoring on either.....
Feb 28, 7:51pm

Vibe Stripes for the Holiday Season

New for this Holiday season, SAXX Underwear presents the Vibe collection in 3 new colour ways; Sage/Black, Cobalt/Grey and Pino/Cobalt.

Our Vibe collection offers exceptional comfort with a more fitted silhouette. The soft viscose material is highly practical for day-to-day wear and has proven to be an instant favorite for long term SAXX customers.

SAXX Underwear Vibe

Cobalt Grey Stripe Vibe

SAXX Underwear Vibe

Pino Cobalt Stripe Vibe

SAXX Underwear Vibe

Sage Black Stripe Vibe

New Vibe striped styles are available now at selecte retailers and online at while supply lasts.