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Exploring The PNW with Ben Giesbrecht

Ben Giesbrecht stumbled upon photography 4 years ago as a way to share his experiences with others. With 29,000 Instagram followers, an appetite for travel and a love for capturing the Pacific Northwest, Ben continues to impress us through his adventurous aesthetic. View Ben's journey to the Sloquet Hot Springs here as he puts our travel SAXX, Quest, to the test.

Follow Ben on Instagram here: (@bennnnnnnngie)


We recently sat down with Ben to discuss photography, his new Instagram following and what inspires him.

Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

I’m originally from Kelowna B.C. but I’m currently living in Vancouver. Right now I’m making it by on freelance video/photo work. We film a lot of weddings in the summer, and sometimes I’ll go work in Saskatchewan for a few weeks if I need to. Working for yourself and having a flexible schedule is priceless. I probably won’t be doing it forever, but for right now it’s perfect.

When did you start taking photos? 

I started casually shooting around 4 years ago. It was the classic “found my dad’s old film camera” story. I started bringing that thing everywhere. Half the time the photos wouldn’t turn out at all, but that was all part of the fun. Eventually I saved up enough to buy a digital camera, used that for a few years and it taught me so much. Now I’m back to shooting film.

You were recently featured on Instagram as a suggested user to follow, how has this changed your outlook on the Instagram community?

It’s cool that people seem to be interested in what I’m posting, but it hasn’t changed much for me. If anything it motivates me to get out there and shoot more.

Where is your favourite place to take photographs?

Forests, mountaintops and coastlines would have to be my favourite. It’s great living in the Pacific Northwest where all of that is so readily accessible.

Camera of choice?

Lately I’ve been shooting with an old Olympus om-10. It’s small, light, easy to pack around on trips and keeps consistently putting out great photos. For instagram, most of those photos are shot with my iphone 4. That’s definitely not a camera of choice, probably time for a upgrade soon.

What advice do you have for those just getting into photography?

That’s easy, just shoot! Take thousands of photos, get to know your camera and eventually you’ll find your style. Most importantly, try to stay inspired. Look at photos in magazines, flickr, tumblr etc... Everyday I try to spend some time finding new work that inspires me or keeping up to date with people that I’m already influenced by.

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