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@kennedywoodbats Pro Elite might ben another option.
Mar 4, 8:54am
RT @TaylorMac56: #NewMountRushmoreCandidates The creator of SAXX underwear
Mar 4, 1:27am
Kinetic. Undoubtedly. RT @kennedywoodbats: running the bmo half marathon. What are the best pair of #SAXX for the long runs? #SAXXunderwear
Mar 4, 1:23am
We agree @MarcAntoineN RT: @saxxunderwear are a game changer on Transatlantic flights! #realtalk #SAXXunderwear #SAXX
Mar 4, 1:05am
Check out @MoreThan_Stats' look at our Spring 2015 performance collection #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #performance
Mar 4, 1:04am
@samu_amunet We're exclusively available in North America at the moment. Our webshop is your best option.
Mar 4, 1:01am
RT @MoreThan_Stats: A look @Saxxunderwear new performance collection #morethanstats
Mar 4, 1:00am
For those chill mid-winter afternoons. #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #staycomfy #staywarm
Mar 3, 5:00pm
Check #SAXXunderwear ambassador @crightontim going big at provincials this weekend. Keep it up dude.…
Mar 3, 12:01am
Don't let Monday get to your head. The weekend is just around the corner. by #SAXXunderwear ambassador @scottcbakken
Mar 2, 11:51pm

GQ & Esquire Approved

We are pleased to announce that we've been featured in the February issues of both GQ and Esquire Magazine. View the features below.

SAXX, SAXX Underwear, February, GQ, Esquire

GQ on SAXX Underwear:

"Canadians designed these to help men survive a freezing-ass fishing trip and have poured about as much tech into their briefs as Apple has into the iPad."

Esquire on SAXX Underwear:

"These have a more lightweight, slinky-knit feeling. In putting them on, I realize there is a special "zone" for my junk, equipped with patented mesh panels to hold everything in place. The fabric is moisture-wicking which, to my surprise, actually wicks (no swamp crotch).