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Apr 25, 6:35pm
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Apr 24, 9:16pm
RT @Calamormine: @gigawell I got a pair of these. Dear sweet lord they're comfortable.
Apr 24, 8:57pm
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Apr 24, 8:57pm

SAXX Underwear x Dignity U Wear

DUW_InstagramSAXX Underwear is proud to announce our continued partnership with Dignity U Wear for the second year in a row. Since 2000, our friends at Dignity U Wear have helped impact the lives of children and their families in need by providing brand new clothing. Since it’s start, DUW has donated 8 million articles of new clothing valued at $139.5 million to more than 610,000 children, men and women across the United States.

We’re excited to contribute 1800 pairs of SAXX and continue to be a part of this incredible organization.

Read more about Dignity U Wear here: