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How's the training coming @therealmurraycg? RT: Smooth and satisfying 16-Miler in the week closer to @MaineCoast262... #Saxx
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Summer Series - Trevor Gordon

Lazy summer days in California consist of surfing, bonfires and burritos. We caught up with California native Trevor Gordon to learn about his favourite places and what he has planned for the summer season…

Trevor can you tell us where you are from?

Santa Barbara, California, currently living down the road in Carpenteria.

What do you do for work? 

Im a professional surfer...

With surfing as your job do you have any time off, or is it a year round career?

Well, its a year round career in that there are always waves somewhere which means i have to stay busy all the time. But not everything I do is about surfing. My definition as a pro surfer is a hazy one.


Aside from chasing swells, what are your plans for the summer?

Im currently working on a new short video about these four finless surfboards. The plan is to get them in the best waves possible for what they are designed for… So ill be going to Central America and Baja here pretty soon. Then up to the Pacific Northwest to help a friend build some tree houses.


Out of all the places you have travelled to, where is your favourite spot to surf?

Sandspit at the Santa Barbara harbor mouth.

Burritos are a quintessential after surfing food, where is the best burrito spot in Carpenteria?

Taquieria Rincon Alteno

When you aren’t surfing what do you do?

I paint and draw a lot. Also love taking photos during trips and turning them into little books. Sailing. Camping.

You just moved onto a sailboat correct? Any plans to take the boat out any extended trips this summer?

Haven't moved in yet, but yes, next month. Ill spend this summer and the rest of the year getting to know the boat and cruising the Channel Islands here. A Baja trip within the next year or two would be awesome.

Where is your favourite summer vacation destination. 

I rarely vacation in the summer… I love going to vancouver Island but thats more towards the fall.

You just hosted a successful zine launch and art show in Venice, California, what projects are you working on now?

Yes, it was so fun. Basically all effort right now goes towards this finless surfboard film… and maybe a small zine to follow.

What music are you listening to this summer?

Kind of sad, wish I could say I was listening to all this cool music… I don't really listen music unless I'm sitting down and painting or drawing, in which case its usually johnny cash or bob dylan or the velvet underground or something else random, I don't know. I usually do a pandora radio.