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Sick of winter yet? Our Spring 2015 line is up on our web shop. Always look forward. 📷 scottcbakken…
Mar 5, 10:21pm
Check out @gotstyle's new collection of #SAXXunderwear on their blog #SAXX #Vibe
Mar 5, 5:28pm
RT @gotstyle: Step up your sartorial style with our latest #SS15 men's accessories from Nixon, Ted Baker, Krane Design, Saxx...…
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👊 @GriffinLPowell
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RT @GriffinLPowell: @saxxunderwear My first pair of #SAXX had the camo pattern. Like that design.
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Our camo game is tight. What camo pattern should we roll with next year? #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #camo…
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@hiddenjewgold Live the dream dude. #thedreamisreal
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Get fully equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you. #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #vibe
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Have you read Unbiased Writer's look at our 2015 Spring collection? Check it: #SAXXunderwear #SAXX #ultimatecomfort
Mar 4, 7:39pm
@kennedywoodbats Pro Elite might ben another option.
Mar 4, 8:54am

Details: Anti-Fold Waistband

Designed for individuals who are constantly on the move, the anti-fold waistband is another SAXX Underwear feature made for comfort.

Available exclusively in the Fiesta collection, the Anti-fold waistband is designed to eliminate unwanted waistband rollover while on the go. Measuring in at a width of  1¾", this width is ideal to stay true to the hips and avoid "muffin top".

Perfect for Summer adventures, explore the availability of the anti-fold waistband here...