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Browse select styles and save up to 40% in the Summer Sale. Shop life-changing underwear and apparel — for a limited time only. 

Snapshot of a small wood-panelled boat on the water looking across toward the city skyline and a rocky shore.

Experience The BallPark Pouch™.

The BallPark Pouch™ is a scientifically-engineered pouch that secures your balls in the most comfortable thing in the world – a hammock.

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ALL-NEW: Life-changing underwear.

Get your balls into the latest drops. Shop Vibe Xtra and Multi-Sport Mesh — all-new styles with Stop Drop Technology™  and the BallPark Pouch®.

A man in his 20s standing against a neutral backdrop wearing blue SAXX Multi-Sport Mesh boxer briefs and a black beanie, holding a volleyball.

ALL-NEW: DropTemp® Cooling styles. 

Maintain your cool, gentlemen. Shop the latest DropTemp® Cooling underwear and sleep styles. 

A close-up of a new SAXX underwear print featuring a maple leaf and desert-themed imagery on solid blue.

Buy with Prime.

Enjoy fast, secure, and free delivery on life-changing styles when you order with your Amazon Prime account.  

A mid-40s man in grey SAXX boxer briefs, a white robe, and sunglasses, sitting on a yellow sofa. A table with household items and a plant are to his right.