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Swim Shorts

More flip. Less flop. More hang. Less loose. Whether you’re rocking the other-worldly Oh Buoy or the surf-savvy Betawave, you’re in for the beach day of your life. These men’s swim shorts come equipped with a BallPark Pouch™ liner, the best thing to happen to your balls since you first stared wearing our underwear. Whether you’re running back and forth along the beach, making waves at the local watering hole, or are just hanging out on a beautiful sunny day, our patented pouch technology lets you focus on all the things that matter. On top of everything else, both styles feature a 4-way stretch shell that’s fade-resistant to chlorine and saltwater. Don’t worry about getting wet because both shells are quick dry and include quick-drain pockets. And with an easy access stash pocket along the liner leg, you’ll be able to hide a trinket or two. Whether it’s a beach bash or beyond, our men's swim shorts are bound to make you extremely happy.