Bring on the curveballs

for those with balls
Introducing CurveBalls from SAXX

Yep, We Went There

Guys, we've helped you stay comfortable since 2006. Now let's mix it up and shift in our seats a little, shall we?

Introducing #CurveBalls - a series of real conversations with real men. No scripts, no egos, no question out of limits.

You might laugh, you might squirm, you might even rethink what it means to have "balls".

Ready for some #CurveBalls?


Episode 2: Paul “Biz Nasty” Bissonnette and Brian Mazza

What happens when you bring NHL legend Paul "Biz Nasty" Bissonnette and HPL Training Founder Brian Mazza together to talk skincare, insecurities and what it's like to have your member made fun of on a local radio station?

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Episode 1

NFL legends Brian Westbrook and Deion Branch open up about their most embarassing moments, advice for meaningful allyship, and the last time they cried (spoiler alert: it was yesterday).

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Introducing #CurveBalls — our new IGTV series that gets to the truth of having balls. No scripts, no egos, no question out of limits.

Meet the Guys

Episode 1


2X Pro Bowler. Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Famer. Sports Broadcaster. Father.


Husband. Father. 2X Super Bowl Champion and MVP for the New England Patriots. Founder of the Deion Branch Foundation.

Episode 2


Founder of HPL Training. 2X Men’s Health Magazine ambassador. Fitness leader and father.


Former NHL Player for the Arizona Coyotes. Co-host of Spittin’ Chiclets – the world’s biggest hockey podcast. Renowned and revered troublemaker.