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DO YOU EVEN Vote, Bro?

Show us proof that you're vote-ready and we'll add a second pair of underwear to your order — our treat.

Prove it!


We're not telling you who to vote for — we're just telling you to show up.

We've partnered with HeadCount — a nonpartisan organization that uses the power of music to encourage young people to exercise their democracy. Now we're taking that partnership one step further to get you to the polls.

From now until September 22nd, when you purchase the Headcount DUEL print, you can get a second pair of the print FREE... with one catch. You have to show us you're VOTE-READY.

Just Vote!

How do I get VOTE-READY?

  1. Visit HeadCount's landing page and fill out the required information to check your voter status.
  2. Once you fill out your information, you will be redirected to a Confirmation Page that will either a) confirm that you are already a registered voter, or b) give you instructions on how to register to vote.
  3. Take a screenshot of this confirmation page and send it as an attachment to our team via the "SEND AN EMAIL" button below.
  4. They'll reply with a discount code, which you can then use to get a second pair of the DUEL print FREE (open to US residents only).

Send an Email