Experience the BallPark Pouch™

We’re obsessed with the comfort of your manhood.

Life-Changing Underwear… for Your Balls

Today, you didn’t just change your underwear. You changed your life. After years of borderline testicular abuse, your balls are exactly where they need to be – inside the BallPark Pouch™.  

At SAXX, we design life-changing men’s underwear. Our soft-wear engineers are in constant pursuit of pouch-perfection and are innovating in ways you and your balls wouldn’t believe. We use the softest fabrics, the smoothest seams. We eliminate chafe and unwanted friction. Our patented technologies move with you and provide next-level comfort every step of the way.  

On top of everything else, you’re covered by our Comfort Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within forty-five days of purchase, we will refund or exchange your order.

Change Your Life

What happens in your pants is none of our business

No more chafing, rolling, or uncomfortable seams. We've taken underwear to a new level of high tech.(You’ll never have to unstick your balls from your leg again.) Every pair of SAXX Underwear comes with a 100% Comfort Guarantee. You’ll love them, or your money back.

Non-chafing flat out seams™

Moisture Control

Soft Feel

4-Way Stretch

Odor control

Experience the BallPark Pouch™

Experience the BallPark Pouch™

Designed from the inside out, the BallPark Pouch™ is perfectly formed to fit your anatomy. The be-all, end-all of ball technology, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place.  

Featuring breathable mesh panels and no exposed stitching, the BallPark Pouch™ provides the separation and space guys need to go about their day distraction-free. No itching, chafing or BSTL*. Just pure unadulterated bliss.  

*balls stuck to leg.

Seriously, Try It
Three-D Fit™ for Unbeatable Comfort

Three-D Fit™ for Unbeatable Comfort

We’ve got your balls’ best interest in mind, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking out for the whole package.  

All styles start with an ergonomic nine-panel construction to create 3D support around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings. The seams that connect each panel are strategically placed to eliminate chafing at potential friction points. This means friction-free movement at every angle.

Get Moving
Non-Chafing Flat Out Seams™

Non-Chafing Flat Out Seams™

Conventional seams are a constant threat to all things good and soft. As such, we’ve flipped the script on traditional flat seam construction.  

Counter to conventional methods, we reverse the stitching, placing the flatter, softer side against the skin. This eliminates all unwanted chafe, itch, and friction.

Chafe, Begone
Moisture wicking & odor control for an all-day dry

Moisture wicking & odor control for an all-day dry

Sticky thighs and sweaty underwear are gone forever. We’ve designed every pair of SAXX Underwear with advanced moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry all day long. Whether you’re hitting the gym, on an epic adventure, or having a regular day at the office, our breathable, odor-controlling fabrics mean you’ll be feeling (and smelling) fresh well into happy-hour.

Freshen Up

My package has looked God in the face.

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