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Showing Thanks

We’re here to support those in quarantine – but we recognize that for many of you, staying home is not an option.

To the front-line workers: the medical staff, the grocers, the sanitation workers, the garbage collectors, the transport crews, the policemen and women (the list goes on)... thank you for challenging your discomfort to keep society afloat right now.

Here’s how we’re showing our thanks: 30% OFF FOR FRONT-LINE WORKERS on full priced items. If any item on your order is on sale for less than a 30% discount, SAXX will refund you the difference on that item.

You’ve got a lot going on right now, so we’ll make this easy.

  1. Place your order on our website. Once placed, email our customer care team at and we will adjust the price of any item(s) on your order that are less than 30% discount to ensure you received the equivalent of 30% off the full regular retail price of each item.
  2. Within your email, please include:
    • Order Number
    • Your full name
    • What country you live in
    • Job industry
    • Company name
    • Job title
    • Attached photo of your work badge or name tag

Send an Email


We’ve put together a custom care package so you can surprise someone who deserves a little extra support – and they’re 30% off. Simply select their size and input their name and address in the shipping details – no need to leave your house. We’ve got the rest covered.

Product image of Front-Line Care Package

Front-Line Care Package