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Man in sport underwear with tennis balls and racket

The ball’s in your court: How to buy underwear for your partner

For a lot of men, buying new clothes can be like going to the dentist – it’s something better left for tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. They know that, while unpleasant, it will be good for them. So yeah…maybe tomorrow.

That goes double with shopping for underwear. Sure, men might want to dress to impress, but garments that are out of sight are too often out of mind as well. Who wants to spend time thinking about boxers vs. briefs or boxers vs. boxer briefs, when that mental energy could go toward thinking about – let’s be honest here – virtually anything else?

It’s easier to pretend that current pairs are “good enough” – even when it can be hard to tell the leg holes from the other ones created by years of wear and tear. And unfortunately, both guys and their partners suffer for it. 

For the former, the underwear they’re resigned to continue wearing is doing them a massive disservice in self-care. They could be a better version of themselves if only they were more comfortable. For the latter, women are more often than not left holding the bag – literally – when it comes to their partner’s underwear. 

But there is some good news. Believe it or not, you can change their minds, even though you have to do the shopping (at least at first). Here’s what to look for when buying underwear for the man in your life.

Man in sport boxer briefs surrounded by basketballs

Establishing a new standard.

Man in grey boxer briefs and hat holding tennis racket

So your partner’s current pairs of underwear have less integrity than a politician. He claims that he’s holding on to them for a little while longer in the interest of being eco-friendly and sustainable, but it’s really just gross.

At one point, there was consideration put into their purchase. Which means that before you set foot in a store, you’ll want to know whether your partner prefers boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs

Boxers are loose and long, while briefs are short and tight – they don’t extend down the leg. Boxer briefs split the difference by going down the leg but fitting tighter than boxers, providing both coverage and support. There are also variations of these, like trunks, which are shorter on the leg than your typical boxer brief, and long leg boxer briefs, which are longer on the leg. It helps to know what kind of fit he’s into.

Of course, there’s also the very real possibility that he has no idea what he likes and just goes with the boxers his mom used to buy him – maybe a red flag, but that’s another discussion.

Think about his lifestyle and hobbies, and find a style and fit that are best suited for those activities. Or, better yet, get him to take this quick and easy quiz!

Optimizing his balls’ comfort.

Man in sport underwear with basketball under arm

If you ask a guy whether he prefers boxers vs. briefs, he’ll probably have an answer. But that doesn’t mean he’s an underwear aficionado. He’s spent years selecting random pairs off department store shelves (or having others do it for him), and that means there’s a good chance he has no idea what materials, fabrics, and features are best for his balls.

Fair enough. How can men take care of their package if they can’t even feel underwear through the packaging? You’ll want to look for comfortable materials, such as our viscose fabric, which is super soft, moisture-wicking, naturally odor-resistant, and breathable. 

An absolute must for any guy – especially one who doesn’t really think changing underwear makes any difference – is our BallPark Pouch. It’ll comfortably secure your partner’s balls, so that he’s never at risk of chafing.

Don’t start looking now, but without the comfort offered by the BallPark Pouch™ your partner spends way more time adjusting his junk than you realize. He’s like a baseball umpire after every foul, reaching into his pocket to shift another ball around. 

Though they’d never admit to it, men can be extremely high maintenance. Let their underwear be the one to support them, cradle them, and keep them happy. After years of wearing below-average boxers and briefs, your partner is going to appreciate what support pouches, anti-roll waistbands, sweat wicking fabrics, and non-chafing seams can do for his underwear collection. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll admit that he’s happy you forced him out of his threadbare past. 

Going beyond the basics.

Man in grey sport underwear and hat holding tennis ball

It would be nice if beneath those party pants was something other than the off-white monstrosities you’ve trained yourself to ignore.

Even if your partner is a man of simple tastes, he might appreciate the opportunity to put on something special. He almost definitely has a couple nice shirts, or a go-to pair of pants for when he wants to look his best. The same is possible for his underwear choices. Just as he’d dress up when you’re going out somewhere special, some slick underwear can provide that additional spark when you get home. 

In addition to comfort and performance, we also offer creative options – like the Oh Snap (adorned with lobsters) or the Mr. Softee (ice cream, naturally), among many others. We have some cool collabs too, including collections with Budweiser and Plastic Bank. Bonus: every pair of Plastic Bank underwear sold, helps prevent 50 plastic bottles from reaching the ocean. 

Speaking of saving the planet, underwear brands are embracing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. If your partner wants his underwear to be as green as his electric vehicle, keep your eyes open for fabrics made from renewable materials – you want to find something that will be soft on the balls without being harsh on the environment.

By strategically placing a few patterned boxers or briefs – or both, if the jury’s still out on the whole boxers vs. boxer briefs thing – in his drawer, you can encourage him to ignore the dull, worn-out gray pair that have unfortunately become his custom.

It’ll all be worth it when they start strutting confidently and comfortably in their stuff. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll pick up the next few pairs on his own.

Need a little extra help finding the perfect pair for your partner? Ask your man to take the Underwear Quiz.

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