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Three pairs of DropTemp Cooling Mesh Boxer Briefs lying flat overlapping one another next to a tennis ball on a sport court

The best sport underwear for men

If you haven’t already noticed, elite equipment isn’t just for professional athletes anymore. You wouldn’t expect to see people playing full-court pickup in flip flops, or someone running in a wool sweater. Even amateur sportsmen rock the best of the best.

After all, the right running shoes can shave time off your go-to trail, fitness trackers help monitor your health and give vital feedback, and golf clubs and baseball bats compensate for your, shall we say, “idiosyncratic” swings.

A pair of Kinetic HD Boxer Briefs hanging from a basketball hoop.


But there’s another piece of equipment essential for comfort and performance that doesn’t get the same level of attention: underwear. Too little thought is put into how to keep your equipment elite, and that’s a big mistake.

Because just as advances in the soles of shoes can keep you striving for personal bests, innovations like underwear with a support pouch make sure you’re both comfortable and protected when pushing your boundaries. It’s worth sussing out how the latest advances in sport underwear can elevate your comfort and performance levels.

For working up a sweat.

A person sitting down next to a kettle bell wearing the Kinetic HD Long Leg in Black.

While almost all of us look forward to hotter weather, an afternoon run hits a lot differently when you can cook an egg on the pavement – the blistering sun is a daunting opponent when you’re doing anything physical outside. For men, one of the worst effects is the highly unpleasant sensation of chafing. When your balls rub up against your legs, walking, running, and cycling become painful experiences.

Even though there are some medications you can use to battle chafing, there’s also a much simpler way to avoid it: wearing better sport underwear.

When you’re heading out for a sunny day on the golf course or the tennis court, meeting friends at the park for flag football, or starting your child down the path to becoming the next Messi (one orange slice at a time), it’s crucial to have the best men’s underwear for sweat to keep you chill and comfortable.

By enhancing your body’s natural cooling capacity, our DropTemp™ Cooling Mesh literally helps you cool down while the rest of your body is sweating it out. The moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fabric helps keep you dry, while also mitigating that post-workout musk. lt can even turn sessions in the hot sun from slogs to triumphs.

Sport underwear for sweating it out. 
A person wearing the Volt Boxer Brief in Black, while holding a volleyball.
  • For doing crossfit: With a Compression Fit, enhanced breathability, and increased durability, the Hyperdrive Compression Mesh keeps you supported in all the different binds crossfit puts you in.
  • For playing golf: The DropTemp™ Cooling Mesh is Slim Fit for easy layering, so you won’t feel too bulked up as the day gets progressively hotter on the course. The breathability of the micro-mesh material means that even if you’re regretting your decision to wear pants instead of shorts, you’ll survive.
  • For tennis: The Relaxed Fit of the Kinetic Semi-Compression Mesh can help you stay motivated during that third-set tiebreaker when you’re ready to smash your racquet after whiffing on yet another volley.

Want the rest of your body to enjoy the same relief from the heat as your balls? We also make a DropTemp™ Cooling Mesh Tee to keep your core temperature low and your physical performance high.

For making dynamic moves.

Most of the underwear in your drawer probably wasn’t designed with activity in mind. It’s merely there as an extra layer – an afterthought we throw on by force of habit. But you can make smarter choices.

For instance, whether you’re playing basketball or learning a complicated dance for your child’s TikTok account, underwear with a support pouch can boost your comfort and confidence. When you wear boxer briefs with a support pouch, you won’t be constantly distracted by readjusting. Instead, you can focus on your next move.

Our BallPark Pouch™ is designed to support your balls, no matter the activity. Mesh panels create a permanent divide between your balls and your thighs, so the things you want to stay in place do. That means no more sticking or readjusting, just friction-free comfort.

Sport underwear for enhancing movement.
A person unwrapping their hands for boxing while wearing the Volt Boxer Brief in Desert Daze.
  • For rock climbing: With moisture-wicking fabric and the BallPark PouchTM, the Volt Breathable Mesh can help you reach the next level. 
  • For practicing yoga: If you’re getting into yoga, Sport Mesh’s lightweight, breathable material can help keep your mind clear and your balls dry.

For exploring the great outdoors.

For any outdoor activity, you want loose limbs and snug balls. Our Three-D Fit™ technology allows men to feel like their sport underwear is being tailored to them, fitting securely around the legs and comfortably around the balls – without hindering movement at all.

Flat Out Seams™, designed to prevent chafing, provide additional comfort for when you’re on a long journey. To achieve this, we ditch conventional underwear norms and place the flatter, softer, and smoother seam on the inside of the garment for chafe-free results. It all works in tandem to help you feel comfortable, even when the weather is hell-bent on doing the opposite.

Sport underwear for conquering nature.
  • For skiing and snowboarding: Yes, underwear can have thermal warmth – and our Baselayer collection is proof. You won’t want to wear anything else on the slopes. 
  • For hiking: Whether you opt for the Loose or Slim Fit, the quick-dry fabric of Quest Quick Dry Mesh works to keep you dry and comfortable even in the most adverse conditions on the most strenuous trails.

After digging deep to summon motivation, your underwear should be the next thing you think about. It’s both the first step into comfort and self-care, and the last thing you want to be worrying about when getting ready for physical activity.

You don’t wear the same shirt for every activity – so why would you wear the same underwear? Browse our collections or take the underwear quiz.

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