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        <p><strong>/ HOW IT FITS</strong>Sleepwalker Pants: Loose fit: uber-soft, no back seam.

Sleepwalker Tee: Relaxed fit, fits close to the body without being tight. Tagless for extra comfort.</p>

        <p><br><strong>/ MADE FOR</strong>Lazy days, rainy days, the days when your food delivery driver is the only person you plan on seeing. Pack your laptop in your tote and get ready for the long commute from your bed to the couch.</p>

        <p><br><strong>/ BUILT IN TECH</strong>Sleepwalker Pants: BallPark Pouch™️, Flat Out Seams™️, anti-roll waistband.

Sleepwalker Tee: Flat Out Seams™️.</p>